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BLUE Bag Tags

Bag Tags
A Pack of 2 Identical, Blue Bag Tags for a Single User
  • BLUE Bag Tags
  • BLUE Bag Tags
  • BLUE Bag Tags
  • BLUE Bag Tags
  • BLUE Bag Tags
  • BLUE Bag Tags


  • Activating one tag activates all the tags with the similar contact link and it adds all the tags to a single account.
  • Can be added to any existing Utaggit account


  • Laser engraved for long lasting readability
  • Double ply plastic for durability. Made in USA
  • Scannable (QR Code); Internet connection required for the code to work
  • One unique random ContactLink
  • 6” Stainless steel cable
  • Maintenance free, No batteries needed
  • Textured front side, smooth back side
  • Dimensions: 2 1/4" x 4" x 1/16" (L x H x W)


  • Works with any Internet browser
  • Privacy mode
  • Display lost item photo
  • Notification via email
  • Scan alert with geo-location info (if available)
  • Post message, Call, & Text
  • Two (2) pre-defined destination addresses
  • Supports manual encoding of flight no. and airline baggage nos. if necessary.

PREMIUM FEATURE (not included)

  • Personalized Link. It's easier to memorize allowing you to easily and quickly add your contact link to any writable bag tag versus the random contactlinks that comes with your tags.


2 Blue Tags per pack

$ 26.00

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