• You are at least 18 years old or with a guardian.
• You are who you claim your are and are not impersonating anybody.

Utagg.it is an online service developed by Kontakme LLC, the creator of Kontakme contact links and the contact link directory service called the 'Kloud'.

Utagg.it is an online universal tagging information tool for labeling objects using contact links or short URLs in the hopes that if the object gets lost and eventually gets found, the finder can open the contact link and get more information on how to contact the rightful owner.

Utagg.it uses the Kontakme service to create the contact links. All questions regarding the Utagg.it service are handled by Kontakme. For questions, please write to info@kontak.me

• By registering and using the Utaggit and Kontakme service, you hereby agree to the following:

• You are aware and you allow the public display of your contact information when necessary. Whatever information you put in your Utaggit control panel will be visible to the general public except for your email address.

• You will not share your username and password.

• You will not use anybody else's username and password when logging into the Kontakme service.

• You will not manipulate the codes of the portal for illegal and malicious activities.

• You will not use the portal for illegal, malicious, and self serving activities including fraudulent use of credit cards or paypal accounts or something similar.

• You will not use the portal to promote anything that can harm or discriminate a race, religion, individual, or organization.

• You are required to read and understand the privacy policy of this website.

• By using Kontakme, you agree not to use the service for spamming. If Kontakme receives reports from spamming victims, your account will be disabled without any prior warning. You will be notified accordingly via email.

• You agree not to hold Kontakme, its owners and personnel responsible for any negative effects to your business or personal life brought by the abuse or misuse of the Kontakme and Utaggit service.

• You agree that you will not use the service to generate fake accounts.

• As part of our privacy rules, If you do not want the public to see information you classify as private, do not include it in your Utaggit profile.

• You cannot transfer the ownership of your Kontakme account or your personalized links.

• The webmaster reserves the right to terminate your access rights to the service and disconnect your landing pages without any prior notice if your actions are or effects of your actions, present clear violation of the guidelines or if we receive any valid complaint from the public or an individual. The webmaster of kontak.me can file a lawsuit if deemed appropriate.

• Services are provided on as-is, as available basis. There is no warranty express or implied.

• Utaggit and Kontakme does not guarantee that items using Utaggit tags and labels that get lost will be returned.

• The contact links are not absolute substitutes for the regular bag tags that contain personal information. Our solution is designed as such to handle some level of privacy and the capability to handle dynamic situations such as when you change a phone number and geographic address.

• Kontakme shall not be responsible for any damages arising from the customer's use of Kontakme and Utaggit services or by the customer's inability to use Kontakme's services. Kontakme shall bot be liable to the customer for any special, incidental or consequential damages, and whether or not Kontakme has been advised of the possibility of such damage.

• In no event shall Kontakme's cumulative liability exceed an amount greater than one year lease of a Kontakme personalized link which is (US$25.00)

• Kontakme servers are designed to be accessible from the Internet 99.9% of the time. (that's about 43 minutes of downtime a month). The uptime level exclude scheduled maintenance (which we try to minimize and keep to off peak hours).

• There is no service guarantee with regards to the speed of the loading of your Kontakme page as there are many external factors that affect the user's access speed which which are not controllable by Kontakme.

• Kontakme reserves the right to change its website lay-out, price of services, terms and conditions, and privacy policies without any prior notice. We will inform registered users via email.

• A purchased keyword or personalized contact link remains in your ownership and will be charged to your paypal / credit card account every year unless you cancel the pre-approved payment in your paypal account.

• You can own multiple personalized links and associate all of them to a single Kontakme or Utaggit profile.

• The Kontakme account is offered free of charge.

• There are two items that are billable namely:

⁃ Access to premium features - time based subscription, billed only once.
⁃ Annual lease of personalized links - billed automatically.

• All sales are final. There are no refunds.

• If you are not happy with the personalized keyword or link that you purchased and associated to your Utaggit information, you can still buy a new one and it will be automatically associated to your account information.

• The one that you replaced will continue to work until you have canceled the "pre-approved payment" in your paypal account. Details on how to cancel a specific personalized link / keyword is explained in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section.

• The Utaggit name is a servicemark of Kontakme LLC.

• The Utaggit logo is a servicemark of Kontakme LLC.

• The texts in our designed bag tags are intellectually owned by Kontakme LLC

• For Trademark, Servicemark, or patent issues, please send it to:
Kontakme LLC
142 East 98th St., #3
New York City, New York 10029